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60 kVA Generator

[…]The ATS panel comprises of 4 contactors and indicators for mains on loads, mains available, generator available, generator on load and phase failure monitor all at your fingertips. Load and function tests can also be performed on site to ensure the generator is working to capacity. The anti vibration mountings fitted between the engine/alternator feet and base ensure that the generator is secured in pace and does not damage the terrain it has been placed […]

100 kVA Generator

[…]applications. Galvanised steel frame with a high-quality powder coat finish ensures a long-life generator, capable of standing up to the harshest weather conditions. The 100 kVA generator can be hired with a range of accessories, including a water jacket heater, automatic fuel transfer, plug sockets, and a range of external, large fuel […]

250 kVA Generator

[…]as a supply of backup power at the work site. The fabricated steel mounting allows for the 250 kVA Generator to be utilised in industrial as well in commercial settings. This generator is hard-wearing and is built to withstand even the toughest of conditions. The 3-pole Circuit breaker offers safety in use. If you need to isolate the battery from the auxiliary battery, this generator also has a battery isolator. PAL Hire completes through servicing of all our generators before they are hired out. We also offer on-site service and support. Check with our friendly team for quotes on the […]

40 kVA Generator

[…]is ideal for sites which require continuous high power and reliable performance. The 40 kVA Generator is available in both manual or auto function. The engine driven cooling fan has a protective guard for worker safety. The fuel capacity allows for 8 hours of running time. These generators come standard with steel wire fuel lines, contents gauge, vent, fill and drain fittings. The auto start option has indicators for charge fail, power on, fail to start, delay on start, programmable timers and a protected override. A comprehensive user manual is distributed with each of our generator hires for ease of […]

80 kVA Generator

[…]Generator is well-protected in all weather conditions with a high-quality powder coat finish. The generator can be easily transported and the large fuel tank allows for the generator to keep running continuously for long periods. You can choose from an auto start or a manual start module. All our 80 kVA Generators are tested for loads and functional tests are carried out before they are delivered to the customer […]