Spring is going to be hot – weather advice 2022

21 March 2022

Spring is about to jump you. If you are on site, then we are being warned by the Met Office via newspaper outlets that we are going to experience a spring heatwave.

The last time we encountered this was in April 2018, when a pre pandemic Britain sizzled in searing heat as the temperature rose to levels not experienced for 70 years.

Dealing with heat on a construction site

In short, water and shade are the basics – we offer the following to support your operations during a heatwave

  • Water Bowers
  • IBCs
  • Water Deliveries
  • Tank Empties (grey out)
  • Fans and Aircon


For all your weather-related hire equipment get in touch with our team. Bear in mind transportation and staff shortages are making it IMPORTANT you book your hire in advance. Speak to our team and make your enquiry today to avoid not having the critical supplies your project needs to get through.

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