Winter Issues on Site 1

Winter Issues on Site

20 September 2018

Winter is a unique time in the construction calendar as the cold weather and short hours of daylight present unique challenges to a construction site. Winter weather tends to hit the UK hard, with strong winds, freezing temperatures, and lots of rain. These elements cause hazardous situations for construction workers and taking precautions to ensure site operatives stay safe is essential.

Keeping your workforce warm and dry during winter is vital in ensuring productivity remains as high as possible. A range of heating equipment is available for when winter temperatures hit construction sites. PAL Hire provides wall-mounted and portable heating units for easy transportation across a warehouse or factory. Heating units include electric heaters, direct fuel heaters, indirect fuel heaters, and radiant heaters.

If you will be operating an around-the-clock construction site, you need to install lighting towers, which can also be hired from PAL Hire. The towers provide an exceptional amount of light, turning night into day, allowing workers to roam around the site with minimal risk.

Lighting towers are arguably the most important equipment on any 24/7 construction site any time of year, but in winter they are the most important piece of kit. The weather can change within a few seconds, so having pre-installed towers that turn on automatically when natural light is below a certain point can limit the amount of time wasted on-site.

Winter issues are not confined to operational equipment and includes ensuring your workforce wear appropriate footwear and clothing. Wearing appropriate shoes for the outdoors with a good grip will prevent slips and falls. Wearing lots of thin layers can help trap in body heat and a good winter coat will keep the cold away. Thermal layers will keep you warm during winter and can be purchased from any good retailer.

It is important to provide workers with welfare areas to keep them warm. PAL Hire offers a range of site accommodation to store site equipment, building materials, and provide warmth for construction workers. Available units include welfare facilities, canteens, offices, and drying rooms.

A few useful tips:

  • Keep updated with weather reports.
  • Shield areas that could be worst hit by the weather.
  • Create warm areas to allow workers to stay warm.
  • Schedule outside work to be carried out in short timeframes, ensuring workers do not catch cold-related diseases.
  • Educate workers about how to work safely in cold weather and what to do to prevent accidents.
  • Check the site for any new hazards that may have been caused by bad weather.

To plan your construction site for winter, speak to our team on 0844 288 7265.